An ESRC DTC student-led interdisciplinary conference for postgraduate students

Aims of the conference

Bringing together researchers from across the social sciences who contribute to our understanding of human psychology to share a variety of perspectives on psychology, both from within and outside the discipline. The aim is to discuss questions that are key to bridging the gap between psychology and the social sciences. It will be a time for budding researchers who share a common interest to pool their knowledge and resources together.

Key questions

What would psychologists and other social scientists gain from working together? Are there any methodological or institutional barriers to this?

Can psychologists have a positive societal impact without taking into account other social sciences, and vice versa?

Do we believe there is a gap to be bridge between psychology and other social sciences? If so, how can we achieve this?

Key information

12th April 2019, University of Nottingham

The conference is open to all postgraduate students and is designed to be interactive and participant-driven. The day will include research talks by postgraduates, student-led discussions, and an academic panel session. Lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the day, as well as a wine reception and an evening meal at the Orchard Hotel.

Academic Experts

Postgraduate talks


9:00 AM

Our panel of academic experts from across the social sciences will discuss their perspectives on issues that are key to the topic of the conference. The discussion will be opened up to the floor where all participants will be able to contribute and ask questions.

Carmel Bond (University of Nottingham): The concept of compassion within UK media generated discourse: a corpus informed analysis

Stanislaw Piasecki (University of Nottingham): Exploring the use of digital technologies to provide immersive experiences for older people living with dementia

Danila D’Errico (University of Nottingham): Walking between disciplines: research in earthquake zones

11:45 AM
Coffee break

Nikita Hayden (University of Warwick): Sibling relationships and disability: bringing together psychological and broader social sciences perspectives

Mathilde Vialard (University of Nottingham): Class and mental challenges in Victorian society

Caity Roleston (Aston University): Exploring older adults’ volunteer experiences by combining a psychological methodology with a sociological theoretical framework

1:00 PM
Lunch break
2:00 PM
Talk session 3: How our language shapes the social world

Daniel Edmondson (University of Nottingham): Taking Language Back: The Impact of Linguistic Reclamation on Taboo Language Processing

Esmeralda Bon (University of Nottingham): An analysis of the emotions and emotionality communicated through text by MPs campaigning on social media

Matthew Rawsthorne (University of Nottingham): Qualitative research at scale? Using a behavioural theory of language and computer science to track mindfulness in social media

3:00 PM
Coffee break

All participants will come together to set up the Open Space, a participant-driven process which aims to foster discussions that are tailored to their interests. Attendees will be invited to propose topics of discussions they would like to lead that are pertinent to the theme of the conference. These topics will form the basis of discussions which will take place during the Open Space.

Once topics have been proposed and participants have familiarised themselves with the agenda, the Open Space will begin. All the discussions that were proposed while setting up will take place at a given time in different parts of the rooms. Three rounds of discussions will be scheduled, but participants will be able to move freely between them. Be prepared to be surprised!

5:30 PM
Wine reception

A wine reception will take place in the Great Hall.

Participants who have registered for the conference dinner will make their way to the Orchard Hotel.

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Academic speakers

Meet the academic experts on our discussion panel

Peter Chapman

Associate Professor in Psychology at UoN

Expert in applied cognitive psychology

Justine Schneider

Professor of Mental Health and Social Care at UoN

Expert in applied health research

John Holmwood

Professor of Sociology at UoN

Expert in sociological theory

Fabio Tufano

Associate Professor in Economics at UoN

Expert in behavioural economics

Angeli Santos

Associate Professor in Applied Psychology at UoN

Expert in occupational psychology

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Conference organisers

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Chloe Robbins
Eleonore Batteux
Jack Tomlin

Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)

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  • Trent Great Hall
  • University of Nottingham
  • 09:00 - 19:00